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Hole Cold Working & Fastening Systems

For over 40 years, PCC has been the leader in the science of hole cold expansion.

Hole cold expansion induces beneficial residual stresses to improve the fatigue life and damage tolerance properties of holes and joints in metallic aircraft structures.

The cold expansion process has further been adapted for installation of bushings, fasteners, and fittings in metallic and composite structure to also reduce manufacturing and maintenance flow-time and cost. We produce the complete line of hole cold expansion tooling, bushings, fasteners, and other products that utilize the cold expansion method.


The ForceMate® installation method for cold expanding a bushing into a hole is a commonly used system for performance critical joints including the attachment of aircraft wings, tailplanes, engine and weapons pylons, flight controls, landing gear, and helicopter rotors.

ForceMate® provides a lower cost installation method for bushings and has been proven through years of testing and in-service history to enhance the fatigue life and damage tolerance of bushed installations. The system also offers superior resistance to corrosion, vibration, and bushing migration under applied loads.

Hole Cold Working and Fastening Systems

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