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General Information
Aerospace Fasteners

Numerical listing of parts.  Lists NAS, NA, AN part numbers for aerospace bolts, nuts, and washer.

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SPS TITAN Titanium Fasteners

Described in this brochure is the line of fasteners manufactured from the new SPS TITAN 761 titanium alloy, which overcomes the fastener size and strength limitations associated with other titanium alloys, allowing users to capitalize on the weight advantages of titanium where they never could before.

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SPS MP98T Fasteners

Described in this brochure is the line of fasteners manufactured from new SPS MP98T® superalloy. This new alloy exhibits a combination of strength, fracture toughness and corrosion resistance not previously available in a fastener material.

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Superalloys Developed by SPS Technologies for Aerospace Fasteners

16 page brochure outlines the chemical composition, mechanical and physical properties and corrosion resistance of MP35N, MP159 and AEREX 350 superalloys.

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ESNA - Aircraft & Aerospace Fastener Selector Guide

This 12-page brochure illustrates ESNA aerospace locknuts with corresponding part numbers, size range and temperature limits. Products included are wrenchable, anchor, gang channel, barrel and shank nuts.

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FLEXLOC Flanged Self-locking Metric Nuts

FLEXLOC flanged self-locking nuts have an increased bearing area which eliminates the need for washers. Product literature offers drawing, material selections, finishes and part numbers.

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FLEXLOC Products

This 80 page catalog highlights the complete line of SPS FLEXLOC self-locking nuts, this catalog includes drawings, materials, finishes and part numbers for each product.

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Greer Stop Nut - Industrial & Military

SPS Greer Non-metallic Insert Stop Nut catalog features part numbers and associated drawings for hex, clinch and spline locknuts.

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Self-Locking Nut

Part numbers for NAS, NA, AN and MS standards.

Provides a cross reference for aerospace NAS, NA, AN and MS aerospace locknut parts numbers with SPS part numbers.

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FLEXLOC Locknuts - Metric Sizes

Numerical System for FLEXLOC metric slotted nuts.

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Greer Stop Nut - Nylon Insert Locknuts
Greer Stop Nut - Nylon Insert Locknuts and Part Numbering Code
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SPS Self-Retaining Bolt System

This 12-page brochure describes the SPS self-retaining bolt system which incorporates a solid shear bolt with a cricular spring around the shank and a standard MS21244 nut. Vibration and environmental test results are outlines along with installation information.

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TRU-FLEX All-Metal Prevailing Torque Self-locking Fastener

This unique thread configuration has excellent accommodation to thread size, retains locking action after repeated applications and can be made from virtually all fastener materials.

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Positive Retaining Bolt System

8-page brochure describes the SPS Positive Bolt System for shear fastener applications.

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Inserts and Studs
A Guide to SPS Inserts & Studs

This 4-page comprehensive guide is designed to familiarize users with applications and features of the SPS precision insert product line. Included in the product offerings are solid wall staked inserts, staked studs, swaged inserts and ring lock studs.

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Preload Indicating Washers

SPS preload indicating washers maximize bolted joint strength by controlling clamp force.

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Panel Fasteners
Series 3000 - Structural Panel Fasteners

The Series 3000 Panel Fastener is designed primarily for use on structural doors and panels, especially those that are removed and replaced frequently.

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Socket Screws
SPS Technologies - Socket Screw Engineering Catalog

This 36-page catalog includes product drawings for socket head cap screws, low head, button and flat head socket screws, shoulder screws, and set screws. Mechanical and physical properties for each product are outlined along with guidelines for purchasing socket screws that meet FF-S-86 Federal Procurement Specifications.

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SPS Technologies Special Fasteners

Single page product bulletin highlights SPS's capabilities to manufacture socket screw products in a wide variety of alloys. The ultimate tensile strength, operating temperature limits, corrosion resistance and magnetic properties are listed for socket head cap screws, shoulder screws, flat head socket screws, button head socket screw, socket set screws and dowel pins.

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Warning Report

The MS/NAS Socket Screw Products Issue. This brochure details the requirements of FF-S-86 procurement specifications for both MS and NAS socket head cap screws as well as QQ-P-416 federal specification for cadmium plating and also covers ASME B18.3 standard which governs production of socket head cap, shoulder and set screws.

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Racing Products
SPS TITAN Titanium Fasteners for High Performance Racing

Described in this brochure is the line of fasteners manufactured from the new SPS TITAN 761 titanium alloy. This new alloy overcomes the strength limitations associated with other titanium alloys, allowing drivers to capitalize on the weight advantages of titanium where they never could before.

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SPS High Performance Racing Parts Brochure

8-page brochure describes high performance racing fastener capabilities. Design requirements, quality measures, manufacturing techniques, general performance specs, materials selection and product line are detailed in the brochure.

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