PCC Fasteners

Sleeved Fastening Systems

Fatigue life enhancement in metal and hole fill in aircraft structures.

Sleeved Fastening Systems

PCC manufactures two sleeved fastening systems to provide fatigue life enhancement in metal and hole fill in composite aircraft structures.

The hole fill provided by both systems has been shown to improve lightning strike performance, electrical conductivity, and mechanical strength in composite joints.

The SLEEVbolt® System

The SLEEVbolt® system installs in a straight hole and uniformly expands to an interference fit as the tightening of the nut draws the tapered bolt into the sleeve having a reverse taper on its inner diameter and a constant outer diameter.

The GromEx® System

The GromEx® system expands a straight walled sleeve into the structure to be used with any class of fit fastener. The GromEx® system allows the fastener to be removed and re-installed without removing the sleeve from the hole.

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