Lockwireless B-Nut a Game-Changer

Lockwireless B-Nut a Game-Changer

Shur-Lok proudly introduces a game-changing industry fluid coupling, known as the Lockwireless B-Nut. The Lockwireless B-Nut provides a practical solution to allow end-users the ability to eliminate the need to install tedious, time-consuming lockwire that is otherwise required to ensure the fluid coupling joint does not separate.

Its use allows for simple and quick fluid coupling installation and eliminates possible FOD in critical applications while still providing crucial reusability over the lifetime of the fluid coupling joint.

The Lockwireless B-Nut is configured to minimize impact to existing application components and envelopes, and can be installed in application without additional tooling.

The Lockwireless B-Nut solution can be applied to numerous sealing-system-and-material combinations to achieve a customer's specific application demands.  

Shur-Lok Company, of Irvine, California, is a world leader in the manufacture and development of critical performance fasteners. Shur-Lok aids the development of thousands of proprietary aerospace fastener solutions and continues to demonstrate an exceptional expertise in innovative solutions.

To request more information on the Lockwireless B-Nut fluid coupling, please contact your local Shur-Lok representative or visit us online at: www.Shur-Lok.com.