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NSS Technologies™ net and near-net shaped products are created by forcing an unheated metal under extreme pressure into a multi-stage die set. This process produces components with optimal strength, grain flow, and mechanical properties for many applications.

The cold forming process is also cost effective because it reduces or eliminates material removal and secondary operations, thereby reducing scrap, cycle time, and processing.

NSS Technologies serves a diverse group of leading companies in the automotive, mining and construction, consumer products, oil and gas, recreational, heavy truck, and ordnance markets.

Cold Forged Performance

Net Shaped Solutions provides innovative cold forged product solutions for a wide variety of high-impact applications. Our process creates products that are stronger, more durable and better engineered. Ask us if Net Shaped Solutions' superior cold forging process can help you become leaner, smarter and more efficient.

Cold Forging Process

NSS has more than 40 years of experience in net shaped cold forged products with extensive in-house engineering design and production capabilities, including:

  • 25 cold formers and thread rollers with the capacity for 3/8" (9.5 mm) to 1 1/2" (38.1 mm) wire diameter and an ability to use prepared slugs up to 2.2" (56 mm) in diameter
  • Solution development and engineering design
  • Tailored tool manufacturing
  • Extensive material knowledge and experience

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Net Shaped Solutions

What is the Cold Forging Process?

During the development cycle, unheated wire or slugs are forced into a die using extreme pressure from cold formers. The cold formers are typically horizontal and are set up to have multiple forming stations.

What is the Benefit of the Cold Forging Process?

Cold forging provides companies with cost savings and improved efficiency through increased production capabilities, greater part strength and less material waste.

Each station contains a punch and die that form a characteristic of the finished part. This process allows NSS and its clients to benefit from the advantages found in cold forging:

  • Less scrap
  • Material savings
  • Eliminate and/or reduce additional machining operations
  • Improved strength, mechanical properties, grain flow
  • Improved surface finish vs machined products
  • High-speed production (35 to 300+ parts per minute)

Technical Capabilities

Internal Forging Process Design

Net Shaped Solutions has over 100 years of in-house cold forging process design and development experience. This extensive understanding of the cold forging process allows NSS to offer process possibilities that others cannot and gets our customers the results they need.

Internal Tooling Design

Net Shaped Solutions has over 100 years of combined cold forge tooling design experience. This vast pool of knowledge, along with the latest in CAD and FEA technologies, allows NSS to react quickly to our customers' desires and provide them with the most robust, creative and efficient options to ultimately give them the competitive advantage.

Tailored Process

Net Shaped Solutions has a proven record of developing creative processes to meet your product requirements. We work with both internal and qualified external partners of Heat Treating, Machining, Grinding, Coating, Plating and Assembly to deliver reliable, cost effective products on time.

Tailored Materials

Net Shaped Solutions has its own in house Metallurgist with nearly 30 years of experience in the Steel Making and Metal Forming industries. We have the experience to tailor material properties and compositions to meet your stringent requirements. Whether Steel, Copper, Aluminum or Stainless Steel, Net Shaped Solutions can source materials that meet most specifications.


Cold Forging

Net Shaped Solutions has a proven record of using its experience and creativity to develop forging processes to meet our customers' products' specific requirements. We are capable of forming parts in the .250 inch (6.35 mm) to 2.125 inch (54 mm) diameter ranges, with holes, undercuts, non-standard shapes and other features with a focus on removing additional manufacturing processes.

Contact us to discuss your needs and learn how NSS can get you and your company a competitive advantage.

Roll Forming

Net Shaped Solutions' rolling technology is capable of forming precision shapes, identification marks, and other features more economically than most machining based processes.

Thread Rolling

Net Shaped Solutions also has the capability for roll most thread styles form from .250 inch (6.35 mm) to 1.125 inch (28.5 mm) diameters.

Net Shaped Solutions


Net Shaped Solutions (NSS) manufactures custom cold forged parts for a variety of markets, including:

Mining and Construction

NSS has been a world leader in the cold forming of mining & road construction products for more than 25 yearsFor over 25 years NSS has been a world leader in the cold forging of mining and road construction products.

Our innovative, collapsible die technology has led to many cost saving breakthroughs for our customers. With the constant drive to reduce handling and unnecessary processes, NSS has created a profile of near and fully net shaped products that give our customers an industry leading edge.

With our superior cold forging process when compared to screw machining, NSS’ products provide the necessary strength to get the job done.

With our capability to form small construction bits for road resurfacing to large coal mining bits, NSS has the right size equipment to be versatile and the number of machines to be agile in the constant changing mining and construction market.

Automotive & Heavy Truck

Net Shaped Solutions is a premier supplier of cold formed product which is utilized throughout the entire automotive system.

Our engineers have the ability to design the precision cold form process into the customers' product with a focus on cost, weight and performance. Our application is limitless; we provide product for:

  • Safety-critical steering and suspension components
  • Noise Vibration and Harshness components
  • Structural components
  • Engine and transmission components

Our team continues to push the cold forming envelope by designing complex net shaped product using new materials and complex forms which offer our customers a world class product.

Net Shaped Solutions' expertise with materials allows us to identify and utilize optimal materials which range from traditional carbon steels to stainless steel, aluminum and micro-alloy steels.

Net Shaped Solutions' goal is to design and manage challenging cold formed product whether in the steering, suspension, engine or the transmissions by working closely with your engineering teams to develop viable and cost effective solutions with a commitment to on-time product launches.

Consumer Products

NSS provides a variety of cold formed products to the consumer products industryWhether household appliances, hand tools or recreational vehicles (ATV), you will find Net Shaped Solutions' cold form process integrated into our customers' components. Some examples of our products include:

  • Transmission components
  • Axle hubs
  • Idler shafts
  • Roller shafts
  • Hand tool sockets

Component size varies from tenths of a pound in weight to over 3 pounds depending on the application and part requirement.

Net Shaped Solutions takes a proactive and innovative approach to develop product solutions for our customers. Net Shaped Solutions' advantage is in our cold form process: it lends itself well to optimizing components for mass and strength while fully utilizing the process value to minimize material scrap and secondary processing (cost control).

Also, the high speed of our cold forming process (60 per part per minute to 320 parts per minute) allows us to produce millions of parts at a competitive cost.

Net Shaped Solutions offers customers several alternatives when developing a process solution for a product which is extremely important in the competitive and cost conscious field of consumer products. Our customers continually come back to our team to solicit input which addresses process and product needs.

What are your needs? We are here to listen and offer viable solutions that meet your requirements.

Oil & Gas

NSS is a premier supplier of well couplings for the oil and gas industry.

Our 25 cold formers and thread rollers have capacities for 3/8” (9.5 mm) to 1-1/2” (38.1 mm) wire diameter and an ability to use prepared slugs up to 2.2” (56 mm) in diameter. NSS offers a broad machine capability, from small to multiple large tonnage machines.

Benefits of Cold Forging

  • High speed production - 30 - 300+ parts per minute
  • Reduced waste
  • Stronger materials
  • Improved surface finish - eliminates the need for additional machining operations

Engineered Solutions

We work to develop parts that are tailor made for each industry and project, ensuring that exact specifications are met.


Net Shaped Solutions has diversified its cold form process solutions into the Military market. Our process lends itself towards high strength and tight tolerance components which provide a good fit to the high performance and quality demand set forth by our Military customers.

Similar to our other market segments, Net Shaped Solutions focuses on process designs which include key material selection (critical in the Military segment), strength, quality and cost.

Our team is continually pushing the cold forming envelop to develop a process which meets the performance demand of sophisticated munitions and advanced tactical system products.

Also, Net Shaped Solutions is I-TAR compliant, a requirement for conducting business in the Military segment.

Net Shaped Solutions

Net Shaped Solutions is proud to maintain certification to both TS16949 (Quality Management System) and ISO14001 (Environmental Management System).

In addition, Net Shaped Solutions and its suppliers strive to meet all customer expectations and promote pollution prevention measures though its Environmental Communication.

Quality Systems & Policies


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