KaliStrut Aerospace

Design, development, manufacture, sales of rods and mechanical parts for aeronautical and space applications.

Kalistrut Aerospace


Formerly the Rods Division of SKF Aerospace - France St-Vallier sur Rhône, and newly named legal entity KaliStrut Aerospace, the site specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of rods and mechanical parts for aeronautical and space applications. The site benefits from 35 years of history and shared opportunities and cooperation with the machining, swaging, and assembly center Primus University Swaging, which together with KaliStrut provides the industry's most technologically advanced structural and kinematic control rod assemblies, flight control mechanisms, and swaged cable assemblies.

Precision Castparts Corp. acquired SKF Aerospace St-Vallier Rods Division in 2013.

KaliStrut Rods

Kalistrut Aerospace


With nearly 2.5 million rods produced since 1999, and more than 8.6 million with PCC sister sites, KaliStrut Aerospace is a market leader with capabilities to meet the most stringent requirements.

The Saint Vallier site consists of four buildings with a total area of greater than 150,695 square feet (or 14,000 square meters) of which 62,430 square feet (5,800 square meters) is dedicated to metallic rods.

Kalistrut Rods

Kalistrut's extensive lean manufacturing competencies result in short lead times and allow us to offer a pull system with customer assembly lines.

Capabilities include:

  • Swaging, including highly automated hot swaging processes
  • Aluminum and stainless steel heat treatment
  • Nadcap FPI & MPI
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Painting

KaliStrut Rods

Kalistrut Aerospace


KaliStrut products are used in a wide variety of aircraft and applications:

  • Load Transmission
  • Support rods
    • Engines
    • Air and water conditioning systems
  • Structural rods
    • Wing Box - up to 2.5 meters
    • Floor Beams - up to 2 meters
  • Hot swaged products
    • Diagonal bars
    • Transform bending of HTP in tension/compression
    • Engine and gearbox attachments
    • Every application with high level of load or temperature
  • Belly fairing support rods
    • Rods with medium loads
    • Aluminum rod bodies and titanium ends

Motion Transmission

  • Flight Control Rods
  • Flap Control Rods
  • HTP Special Rods

Kalistrut Aerospace

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KaliStrut Aerospace

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