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SPS Technologies is a leading developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of aerospace nuts, bolts, and associated products.

SPS Technologies


Founded in Jenkintown, PA in 1903 as Standard Pressed Steel Company, SPS Technologies continues to operate from the original 560,000 square foot facility.

SPS Technologies has been developing and manufacturing critical fasteners since the early days of aviation, working closely with its customers to meet the needs of an ever changing industry.

Many of the materials, designs, and manufacturing practices that have become industry standards were pioneered by SPS Technologies. SPS Technologies continues to advance the materials, designs, and manufacturing practices of aerospace fasteners today to meet the unique needs of next generation vehicles and assembly techniques.

SPS Technologies was acquired by PCC in 2003.

SPS Technologies


Today, it's hard to find an aircraft that doesn't use SPS Tech fasteners. They can be found in engines, wings, fuselages, and landing gear.

At SPS we pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy all your high performance fastener requirements.

Turn to SPS Technologies for all-metal locknuts and bolts, non-metallic insert locknuts, and other critical fasteners in a variety of materials and platings in diameters up to 3" and lengths up to 48". With more than 100 years of history, 20 major product lines, and 560,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space, chances are we already make what you need or can make it.

At SPS Technologies we believe that aerospace is a quality and performance level, not a market.

Unlike many other aerospace manufacturers in North America, our fasteners are used by a substantial customer base not involved in the aerospace market. Markets such as medical, automobile racing, marine, and power generation demand aerospace quality fasteners in many of their applications.

Responding to your needs is what we do best at SPS Technologies and we have the infrastructure to deliver solutions that includes the following capabilities:

  • forging
  • thread forming
  • tapping
  • milling
  • grinding
  • computer-controlled heat treating
  • automated plating
  • many secondary operations
SPS Technologies Capabilities

Advanced Quality Management System

Plus, SPS Technologies operates an advanced quality management system to test and control every stage of production, allowing us to meet the most stringent requirements. Every SPS Technologies' product meets industry and customer specifications and our internal manufacturing standards. Our fasteners have only one quality level - the quality level you demand.

Quite simply, we provide a combination of engineering knowledge, design ingenuity, manufacturing and testing ability, and systems capability that is unique. Yet it is our pledge to continuously raise our standards. Through continuous improvement programs, we constantly challenge our organization to improve our cost and performance so we can continue to offer you the best overall value in the industry.

SPS Technologies


SPS Technologies, Jenkintown specializes in the design and manufacture of high strength nuts, bolts, and associated products.


SPS Tech BoltsSPS Technologies manufactures standard (hex, 10-point, 12-point, spline, D) and special head configuration (slab, hook, tee, transducer) bolts from alloy steel, corrosion-resistant steel, INCONEL®, WASPALOY®, titanium, MP35N®, MP159®, AEREX®, MP98T®, and other alloys.

We also manufacture all major recess drive bolts and screws including MORTORQ®, ACR®, Phillips®, Torq-Set®, Tri-Wing®, Torx®, Torx Plus®, and Hi-Torque® in fillister, pan, brazier, flush, flat, IWB, SHCS, and other common head configurations. SPS Technologies produces parts to the majority of the standards used in aerospace industry in both metric and unified sizes with rolled threads up to 3 inches in diameter. Finishes include silver, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, and other common callouts.


SPS Tech NutsFrom microsize to 2.5 inches in diameter, SPS Technologies offers hex, double hex, and spline drive self-locking nuts in a variety of configurations including castellated, lightweight, self-aligning, close clearance, captive washer, flanged, shear, structural shear, high temperature, and high tensile.

The products are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, A286, alloy steel, aluminum, and brass with a wide range of finish options including cadmium, zinc, dull nickel, black oxide, cadmium type II, silver, and dry film lube. Both unified and metric sizes are available per AN, NAS, MS, NSA, and OEM standards. Please refer to the FLEXLOC®, ESNA®, and GREER STOP NUT® product line catalogs for additional details on PCC standard designs.


SPS Tech WashersSPS Technologies manufactures a variety of washers for use in critical joints to distribute load and indicate preload during installation. Preload indicating washers, available in under nut and bolt head standards, give a more accurate bolt preload reading than a torque wrench for stress levels between 80 ksi and 260 ksi, thereby allowing designers to specify higher bolt preloads.

From microsize to 2.5 inches in diameter, PCC offers hex, double hex, and spline drive self-locking nuts in a variety of configurations including castellated, lightweight, self-aligning, close clearance, captive washer, flanged, shear, structural shear, high temperature, and high tensile. The products are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, A286, alloy steel, aluminum, and brass with a wide range of finish options including cadmium, zinc, dull nickel, black oxide, cadmium type II, silver, and dry film lube. Both unified and metric sizes are available per AN, NAS, MS, NSA, and OEM standards. Please refer to the FLEXLOC® ESNA®, AND GREER STOP NUT® product catalogs for additional details on PCC standard designs.

SPS Technologies


Quality control programs at SPS Technologies reflect the demanding requirements of our aerospace heritage.

All product lines benefit from the culture of quality that has a long history at SPS Technologies. Because of this culture and our strong product design capability, many of our products are manufactured for safety-critical applications

SPS Technologies maintains AS9100/ISO 9001 and Nadcap quality certifications to the latest revisions and has quality stamp approvals for self-release from most major aerospace and defense OEMs.

SPS Technology Quality
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SPS Technologies

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