Leading supplier for critical application bolts in the automotive industry.



Metalac Facility

Founded in 1953 in São Paulo and later acquired by SPS Technologies in 1995, METALAC is a leading manufacturing company for high resistance fasteners in Brazil and is an important supplier for critical application bolts in the automotive industry including connecting rod bolts, cylinder head bolts, main bearing bolts, and brake pins. METALAC is also a manufacturer of premium grade socket head cap screws.

Metalac manufacturing equipment

METALAC operates from a 350,000 square foot facility. Since joining Precision Castparts Corp. in 2003, Metalac has benefited from continued investment in modernizing it's facility and continues to work closely with other PCC fasteners sites. You may access METALAC distribution through AVK Industrial Products.

Metalac high resistance fasteners



METALAC designs and manufactures engineered critial fasteners and cold formed parts for automotive and general industry.

Key Processes include:

  • Cold Forming
  • Automatic Sorting
  • Thread Rolling
  • Plating and Finishing
  • Automatic Machining
  • Heat Treatment
  • Material Processing


Specialty Fasteners

  • Special bolts manufactured according to the customer specification or designed by Metalac to meet the specific needs.
  • Brake pins, connecting rod bolts, cylinder head bolts, wheel bolts, main bearing bolts, fly wheel bolts, among others.


  • Socket Head Cap Screw: DIN 912 / ISO 4762 - Metric
  • Socket Head Cap Screw: ANSE B 18.3 - Inch
  • Socket Set Screw Points: FLAT, HALF- DOG, CONE AND KNURLED CUP:  DIN 913 - 914 - 915 - 916 / ISO 4026 - 4027 - 4028 - 4029 - Metric
  • Socket Set Screw Knurled Cup Point: ASME B 18.3 - inch
  • Flat Head Socket Screw: DIN 7991 / ISO 10642 - Metric
  • Flat Head Socket Screw: ASME B 18.3 - Inch
  • Button Head Cap Screw: ISO 7380 - Metric
  • Pressure Plug: Dryseal thread type – 3/4 x 1' taper - SAE J531
  • Hex Key: ISO 2936 (DIN 911) - Metric
  • HEX KEY: ASME B 18.3 - Inch

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Electronic Equipment

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With modern laboratories and new generation equipment, Metalac offers the services below:

    Vibration test to evaluate the efficiency of locking features, using Jünker Machine
  • Tests on TTM (Torque and Tension Machine), for head and thread friction coefficients and clamp load
  • Fatigue test on fasteners or bolted joints
  • Ultrasonic tests 
  • Failure analysis of bolted joints
  • Tightening window behavior and dimensioning, for torque or torque x angle
  • Dimensioning of bolted joints with definition of tightening window and resistance class
  • Rationalization of assembled joints to reduce the number of items, the complexity and the cost

Metalac Speciality Products


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