PCC Fasteners


PCC Fasteners products for the energy market include turbine bolts, compressor rotor hub studs, engine case flange bolts, turbine blade fasteners.

PCC Fasteners Engine Bolts

PCC Manufactures fasteners and components used in industrial gas turbine engines, wind turbines, energy storage systems, and exploration and extraction equipment.

  • Center Turbine (S/S) Bolts
  • Compressor Rotor Hub Studs
  • Engine Case Flange Bolts
  • Gas Producer and Power Turbine Disk Tie Bolts
  • Turbine Blade Retaining Rivets
  • Turbine Disk Rim Seal Bolts
  • Well Couplings
  • Wind Turbine Blade Fasteners
  • Wind Turbine Gear Box Fasteners