PCC Fasteners

Customer Service

From senior executive to machine operator to customer service representative, our goal is to provide each customer with great products and services on time.

Our Philosophy

PCC Fasteners' approach to customer service stems from our operating philosophy:

β€œTo Safely and profitably produce, what the customer wants, when the customer wants it, at costs that are continuously improving.”

For us, customer service is built on a program of continuous improvement of our business operations, systems, and metrics in compliance with our operating philosophy and the following objectives:

  • Zero delinquencies, 100% on time shipments
  • Zero customer quality escapes
  • Level loaded production – based upon customer pull rates

Beyond the products that fly on an aircraft, we endeavor to provide prompt answers to questions, fulfillment of information requests, problem resolution, quotation turnaround, and delivery of other services.

Lastly, our commitment to performance includes working collaboratively with our customers on products and services to address program and market challenges.

Need Customer Support?

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