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Fastener Products is one of the top manufacturers of engineered fasteners, fastening systems, metal components, and assemblies for aerospace, transportation, power generation, and general industrial markets. The Fastener Products segment manufactures high-quality specialty fasteners, assemblies, and precision components for critical applications worldwide.

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Shur-Lok Proudly Introduces the Lockwireless B-Nut—A Game-changing Industry Fluid Coupling

Irvine, CA - August 12, 2015 - Shur-Lok proudly introduces a game-changing industry fluid coupling, known as the Lockwireless B-Nut. The Lockwireless B-Nut provides a practical solution to allow end-users the ability to eliminate the need to install tedious, time-consuming lockwire that is otherwise required to ensure the fluid coupling joint does not separate.

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Cherry's New Blind Tacking Rivet

Santa Ana, CA - June 15, 2015 - Cherry Aerospace is helping drive the commercial aerospace production rate ramp-up by integrating its new blind tacking rivet product, the Cherry TackMax® into automated production systems.

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Aerospace Fasteners

The SPS Aerospace Fastener Division is a group of leading companies working together to deliver unmatched capability in bolts, nuts, and specialty fastening solutions.
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The PCC Aerostructures group of businesses manufactures components, kits, and assemblies from metals and composites. Our broad portfolio includes wing leading and trailing edge assemblies, rib and spar assemblies, passenger doors, APU inlet assemblies, pylon fairings, acoustic engine liners, and much more.
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Cold Expansion Systems

For over 40 years, FTI has been the leader in the science of hole cold expansion to induce beneficial residual stresses to improve the fatigue life and damage tolerance properties of holes and joints in metallic aircraft structures.
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Control Rods and Assemblies

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Automotive and Industrial Fasteners

PCC Fasteners designs and manufactures performance fastening systems and precision components for the automotive and industrial machinery markets.
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Engineered Products

The Engineered Products business segment includes market leaders that provide high value added tooling, components, and monitoring systems for industrial equipment; sewage collection systems for residential installation; and net and near-net shaped cold-formed components for automobiles and other high volume uses. Served markets include automotive, fastener manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, pulp and paper, energy production, and housing.
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Fluid Products

PCC designs and manufactures a broad range of fluid fittings, connectors, and installation tooling for all types of systems, environments, and end user needs. Product lines include hydraulic fittings, boss adapters, and tube connectors for fuel, air, inert gas, water, and drain fluids.
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Locking and Support Systems

PCC offers both application specific and vendor standard solutions to a wide range of aircraft locking and support requirements including both structural and aircraft interior solutions. Major product lines include latches and keeper assemblies, struts and hold open rods, and Ball-Lok® pins.
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Precision Machined Components

PCC has extensive experience supplying both rotationally symmetrical and prismatic engine and structural components and sub-assemblies in all aerospace materials including high-alloyed steels, stainless steels, high-temperature resistant steels, and titanium.