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PCC Distribution Japan K.K. entered Japan in 1961 and is a subsidiary of SPS Technology Co., Ltd. We pride ourselves on consistently providing the latest technology to the Japanese market. The Unbrako brand hexagon socket has greatly contributed to the development of the screw industry in Japan, as well as the development of user machine tools and industrial machinery fields.

Recently, we begain importing and selling screw tools as well as various tools fro screw manufacturlng and superalloy ingots and waxes for precision casting, as well as being the world's largest clinching fastener manufacturer.


Products include:

  • Bumax
  • PEM (Penn Engineering & Manufacturing)
  • Permaswage
  • Special Metals
  • Flexloc Nut
  • AVK Fasteners
  • SPS Technologies
  • PTG (Precision Tool Group)
  • Paramelt
  • Cannon-Muskegon

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PCC Distribution Japan K.K.


2-25-4 Ogawa, Machida
Tokyo, 194-0003

T:  +81 042-799-5991
F:  +81 042-799-5442

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